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Spanish Holiday  Program

For kids from 5 to 10 years old

Our holiday program takes your kid to a pretend trip to Spain, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela or Colombia! The goal of our Spanish Holiday Immersion Program is to completely immerse our students in the Spanish language. All instructions, activities, games and songs are in Spanish. Our teachers are all native speakers. Our program is also limited to a small number of children so we can make sure every child gets enough attention. 


Tuesday, January 21st 9am to 4pm

Theme: Hispanic Festivals

Location: Fretzy Kookie, 29 Davies Street


Wednesday, January 22nd, 9am to 4pm

Theme: Hispanic Sports Team

Location: South Melbourne Primary School

129 Ferrars Street, South Melbourne


Full-day - $89 per child

Half-day - $59 per child (9am to 4pm)

What to bring:

Food, water and a hat