This is a memory games in English/Spanish to help children learn the basic names of fruits and some kitchen utensils. There are 15 pair of words. If you child is 5 years or older, we also added some blank cards so your child can draw and create their own memory cards to add to the game. 


Preparation instructions:

- Download the file 

- Select to pring double sided

- Print out on thick white paper

- Ask the child to colour the fruits and other objects

- Cut out the playing cards on the dotted line (if the child is older than 5 years old they can cut it out themselves) 

- Place them face down on a table or on the floor (K&L logo facing up) and mixed them up


Game rules: 

- Each player selects two cards at a time, if the two cards match the player keeps them. If they don't match, player turns them back over 

- Next player do the same

- The winner is the player with more pairs


Language tips: 

- While colouring the children ask them what fruit they are colouring

- When is a child's turn, encourage the child to repeat the item name in both languages when they turn the card over. If you child is a bit shy or not confident yet, only encourage them to repeat the item name when it is their turn to play

- When it is your turn to play (parent, carer), repeat the item name allow so the child can model your behaviour when it is their turn

Spanish/English Memory Games - Fruits