This file is a great visual help if you are teaching sea animals and beach/sea theme in Mandarin. It is an electronic PDF file with 12 images of sea animals and sea vocabulary in Mandarin. All images are drawings or cartoons so they are very fun and appealing to kids from 0 to 8 years old (and for some adults too). 


The words included in Mandarin (simplified chinese) are:

1) Octopus in Mandarin 

2) Fish in Mandarin 

3) Shark in Mandarin 

4) Beach in Mandarin

5) Seahorse in Mandarin

6) Jellyfish in Mandarin

7) Wave in Mandarin

8) Whale in Mandarin

9) Sand in Mandarin

10) Sun in Mandarin

11) Turtle in Mandarin

12) Sunglasses in Mandarin


Sea animals in Mandarin - Flashcards