Being bilingual is a super power

Updated: May 16, 2019

Language is a gift and a superpower!

One of my best childhood friends came from a German-speaking family and I remember what I like the most was that her home always had special German gummy bears.

The other thing I found amazing was that she was able to switch languages in seconds. As a child I thought she had superpowers to speak a secret language with her parents. Being bilingual is gift but also a super power and here are 5 reasons why this is so:

1 – According to research the human brain stores languages in separate compartments and these individual sections have little, or nothing to do with each other. So basically, with the ability to speak more than one language, you taping into more areas of the brain than a monolingual individual; now imagine, the more proficient you are in languages, the more storage space you’re utilizing…you are literally making use of more space in your brain!

2 – Thinking in dual languages at the same particular moment increases your creativity.

3 – Let’s be honest, almost anything sounds cooler in another language, and even sexier in a romance language! For example: “El perro no se siente bien.”

4 – In today’s saturated work force any positive skill that can help you stand out from the crowd is a GREAT thing. There is plenty of evidence that shows that a second language is

5 – It is a like a brain workout as much as taking your children to sports classes exercises their bodies, learning a second language exercise their brains.

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