Our mission is to make language learning fun and simple for kids. Our methodogy and classes are full of games, music and movement to keep kids engaged and inspire a long term interest in learning a foreign language.

Online Classes

Our Kids & Languages program and language classes are all about kids learning a second language while having fun. We have Mandarin or Spanish classes that are engaging and involve activities like art, craft, music, science, games and theatre.  We welcome all kids from 5 to 10 at any proficiency level. 


Language Resources

We made some of the resources we use in our Spanish and Mandarin classes available to parents, teachers and playgroups. These are some of our favourites games, flashcards and posters that we have used in our classes and that  can help other parents and teachers to teach Mandarin or Spanish to their kids. Our students loved it and we hope your kids will love it too. 

Spanish Holiday Program

Our Spanish Holiday Program is designed for kids from 5 to 10 years old. All activities, games and songs are in Spanish. Our Spanish Immersion Program surrounds our students in Spanish in an attempt to simulate how children would feel in a Spanish speaking country. Our teachers are all native Spanish speakers. All kids from 5 to 10 years old at any proficiency level are welcomed.


Language Program

Our Spanish and Mandarin classes for toddlers follow a play-based approach. We aim to teach words and phrases through songs, movement, art and games. Our classes are 45 minutes long. 

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